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Cast Iron Mouse Door Stop


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Color: gold with black

  • gold with black

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SKU: CM201558-GB

Gold with black

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You can use our cast iron doorstop as a beautiful accent piece that will compliment your home décor because of its unique design. This is great a great floor door stop for your bedroom, bathroom, kid’s room or patio door. Our door stopper is made of solid cast iron. This iron door stop is made from recycled iron and treated with special coating, giving the item vintage or rusted look, while protecting the item from rust and wear. This Mouse Door Stop has a felt padded bottom which is meant to protect your floor from scratches. It is heavy and will hold your door open with ease. - As we are offering this hand crafted cast iron door stopper in rust brown, antique white and rustic blue colors. This selection will make it easier for you to use the product with any style and color combination in your home.


Free Shipping For Orders Over $25