Back in 2014 (what it now seems like ages ago), two young-ish entrepreneurs (and their families) wanted to get into ecommerce business. As there were no easy ways to start a business available, they did it the good-old-fashioned hard way - themselves. They packed their bags and we went to consumer product trade shows in far away China, India and South America - you know, where most things are made these days. They visited dozens of factories, checked product quality, negotiated prices, made sure their suppliers could deliver on their promises, invested their hard-earned money and made all the necessary arrangements to get those products to North America. Our first product packaging was designed by us, website made by us, pictures taken by us and first customer messages and questions answered by us.

From that “do-it-yourself” mentality came out something genuine. These were our customers. They bought the stuff we chose and designed. It was their money that fed our families and paid our bills. And if anything went wrong, we were the ones to face their disappointment. So “customer is always right” was never good enough for us from the start. Being right is not enough. We wanted people who dealt with us to come out happy even if they never bought anything from us or if they ended up returning their purchase. This way of thinking was passed on first to our customer service assistant, Arlene (who is still with us five years later) and then to others who joined us over the years. We are 100% certain that you, our customer, will always be treated right, because everything we have, we owe to you.

As our business grew, so did our team. We have great people working with us - taking care of everything from marketing, advertising, customer service, inventory, logistics, social media, graphic to product design. We have sold products to over 500,000 people. Some of those people post their images on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. It feels surreal and absolutely amazing to see stuff we designed and had made for us as something people use in their home, give to their loved ones for birthdays and holidays. Seeing these images means we are succeeding in our mission of bringing comfort to people’s homes. We love what we do and hope you get to experience one of our products along with our service soon.


Constantine, co-founder

Comfify Brand


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