Thank you for your interest in participating in one of our Photo Contests. Here are a few questions and answers that will explain to you how this contest works.

What does it cost to participate in the contest?

There is no cost to participate. We will cover the total cost of product and delivery to your door. Yes, you get to keep the product once the photo has been taken. All we are asking in return is for you to submit the photo.

Who can participate in the contest? 

We welcome everyone to participate, but we have some limitations. First, we need to send you a product to photograph and we have limited inventory allocated to the contest. e.g. 50 units, this means this would be done on first come/first served basis. Second, we will be running these contests in different territories, so each contest in geographically specific. If the product is available in USA only, we can only accept USA-based participants for that particular contest. Lastly, we need participants to have Amazon Prime Membership. The reason for that is without Amazon Prime, we cannot control or guarantee a specific delivery date and since there is a time limit for submissions, we prefer to accept participants with Amazon Prime, which guarantees a 2-day delivery frame. 

What is the time frame for photo submission?

The cut-off for submissions would be 7 days post contest closing date. Closing date will depend on when the required total number of participants signing up. e.g. If we begin open the contest on Monday and we are offering total 50 participants, it may take up to 5 days for us to complete the sign up process. The decision on the winner will be made 7 day after that.

How do I know if I won the contest?

We will be asking for your name and email address for this very purpose. We will notify everyone about the winner once the decision has been made.

Can I participate future contests?

Yes, you absolutely can. Unless you unsubscribe, we will invite you to our next contest via email and Messenger.

How is the winner decided? 

At this point our Comfify team will vote on the winner. We are working on a solution where you and your friends and family can vote on the winner, so it is transparent and independent. 

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