5 things to start doing if your room is cluttered

5 things to start doing if your room is cluttered

Are you finding yourself constantly tripping over piles of clothes on the floor, or stepping on stacks of books when you try to walk across your room? It's time to get organized! Here are five things that you can start doing today to declutter your room and make it more livable.

1. Clean your room every day

Cleaning your room is such a tedious task, but it's so necessary. It will help you stay organized and keep things tidy in there! Here are some tips that might make the process easier for yourself-
I know how hard this can be sometimes when we're feeling allured by Netflix or something else worth getting caught up on until tomorrow morning...but don't forget about cleaning out our rooms because if they aren’t spotless then everything gets messy quickly enough without me having done anything else beforehand (and trust me: no one wants dirty dishes)

2. Sort through your clothes and get rid of what you don't wear anymore

Sorting through your clothes and getting rid of what you don't wear can seem daunting, but it's really not that bad. Start by pulling everything out of your closet and inspecting each item. If you haven't worn something in over a year, chances are you never will, so get rid of it! If there are items that don't fit or flatter you anymore, get rid of those too. Trust me, when you're done sorting through your clothes you'll feel so much better! You'll have more space in your closet and be wearing clothes that make you look and feel great. So go ahead and get started - it's time to declutter your wardrobe!

3. Create storage solutions for the things you want to keep

No one ever has enough storage space, especially when it comes to their home. Whether you're a woman who loves her accessories or someone who just needs some extra room for holiday gifts, finding creative ways to store your belongings is always a challenge. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions out there for even the most cramped living spaces. 

 So, if you're looking for a little more storage space in your home, be sure to check out some of the great options available online. From shelves that fold up and disappear when you don't need them to stylish boxes that can hold all of your excess belongings, there's something for everyone out there. And don't forget about Comfify! With our wide selection of beautiful shelves and organizers, you'll have no trouble finding a solution that fits both your style and your needs. 


4. Don't buy new things until you've gotten rid of old ones

Clothing is a basic necessity, but sometimes it's hard to know when to stop buying new clothes and just purge your closet of what you don't wear. If you're having trouble parting with clothes that you haven't worn in months (or even years), consider waiting to buy any new things until you've gotten rid of old ones. This way, you won't have anything taking up space in your closet that you don't actually need or want. Plus, decluttering your wardrobe can be really satisfying- especially if you do it in honor of National Thrift Shop Day! So go through your clothes and get rid of anything that doesn't bring you joy. It'll be worth it in the end.

5. Ask for help if you're struggling to keep your room clean and organized

It's no secret that keeping a clean and organized room can be difficult, especially if you don't have a lot of space. But just because it's tough doesn't mean you have to go it alone. If you're struggling to keep your room clean and organized, ask for help from friends or family members. They may be able to give you some tips or lend a hand with cleaning up. And if all else fails, there are always professional organizers who can help get your room in shape.

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