How do I secure the shelf to the bracket?

How do I secure the shelf to the bracket?

Tired of floating shelves that have no support underneath? The floating shelf brackets from EZ Anchor offer a clean and easy solution for securing your floating shelving to the wall. Don’t worry about taking them with you when you move!

Silicone: If screws aren’t your thing and you need an absolutely clean look on the top of the shelf, silicone is an ideal option to lock the shelf onto the bracket. Just a few dabs on the rods and a gloophis is a question that many homeowners ask themselves when they are floating shelves. There are a few ways to make sure your floating shelves stay in place. One way is with silicone, but if screws aren't your thing and you want an absolutely clean top of the shelf, silicone would be perfect for you. Just dab a little on each rod and put some in each hole before sliding it on to secure it! Apply silicone (don't mess with the shelve until it sets) or just use some screws instead!

Set Screws:If you don’t mind a little elbow grease and a couple of screws on the top of your shelf then this is definitely for you. This is also a great solution if you want to take your shelves with you when you move. We recommend that you use a #8 x 1” fine thread wood screw. Drill a pilot hole with a 5/32” bit and countersink with a ⅜” countersink bit. Option B is use a #10 x 1” fine thread wood screw and pilot with a 3/16” drill bit and countersink with the same ⅜” countersink. Two screws per she helf is more than enough. 

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