The Top 7 Reasons Why Small Spaces Are the Best Spaces

The Top 7 Reasons Why Small Spaces Are the Best Spaces

Small spaces are the best of all worlds. They're cozy, intimate and personal - just what you need in your home! Plus they provide an opportunity for creativity by using every inch of available space (which is perfect if this isn't already one big open plan living area).
The following article will explore why small rooms can make us feel bigger than life; offer insight into how color affects our moods/states alter executed beautifully through artwork or fabric choice making each moment different

1-They’re Ultra Cozy

Cozy. It's a word that gets thrown around in everyday conversation, but what does it really mean? Cozier homes have more personality and soul than their larger counterparts--they're just better places to live with all the advantages of being cozy without any negative connotations attached!

When you have a smaller space to fill, it can be easier than ever before focus on making your environment just right. Smaller items like candles and throw pillows will give off more impact in an area that they would not fit into well with larger designs; this is perfect for when we want something fresh but still maintain the feel of our home! It also means switching things up isn’t as much work since there's less decor taking over every inch of available real estate (which also helps save money).

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2-They’re More Organized

 Living in tight quarters means you have to be more selective about the items that dot your space. The extra stuff starts taking over and it can make daily activities like getting ready for work or making dinner feel overwhelming when there is no room left on top of everything else just lying around waiting patiently until they are needed again (but never actually will).

3-They’re Cheaper to Decorate

Instead of investing in a large amount of furniture that will only be seen by you when company comes over, why not focus on making your small space welcoming? With just some simple touches and niceties such as candles or fresh flowers at regular intervals throughout the day; it is easy to transform any home into something beautiful without breaking their bank account.

4-They Promote Stress-Free Minimalism

Minimalists have been taking minimalism mainstream in the last few years. The trend is not just limited to homes, but also extends into everyday life with its emphasis on living simply and reducing stress as much possible--a fact which makes it easy for those who live small spaces like studios apartments or hotel rooms become masters at adopting this style without difficulty!

5-They’re Easier to Clean

Some people really enjoy the cozy feel of a small space, especially if they live in an apartment with no room for big furniture. The smaller your living area is, then it's going to take less work on behalf of you or anyone else who might want use some extra elbow grease when cleaning up! 

6-They’re More Sustainable - Environmentally and Financially

When you compare the electricity bill of someone living in 500 sq feet to someone living 3,000+, not only does it often show how much more expensive — both financially and environmentally-the latter can be a game changer. Living on an incline means reduced expenses each month while still maintaining your home’s impact; this could help make up for any increased costs associated with heating/cooling during cold months or hot seasons respectively 

7-They’re Easier to Personalize

Homeowners often want their homes to feel like warm and welcoming museums, but the problem is that most large homes come off as cold or uninviting. Luckily for you though there's an easy solution: Small spaces! With all of these new design trends in interior decorating using limited amounts (and I do mean LESS) floorplanning options - it’s easier than ever before to make your house reflect who YOU really ARE


 Conclusion paragraph: For those who want a cozy, clutter-free home that makes the most of every square inch and is perfect for small spaces; Comfify has what you need! We offer thousands accessories to make your tiny living space feel like it did when mom or grandma used their imagination with just about anything they could find around them. Check out our website today - we know there's something special waiting inside :)

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