10 Small Living Room Decorating Tips

10 Small Living Room Decorating Tips

Even if you live in the smallest space, it is possible to make your living room look stylish and inviting. Discover how we've mastered designing for small spaces without giving up on style or values!

Work Your Weird Angles

An awkwardly shaped living room can be a bit confusing, but no space is too odd for beautiful decor. You just need the right tools and ideas to turn that weird wall into something eye catching! The owner of this apartment turned around in their vertical space using what was originally doorways as gallery walls - they are so chic-looking now with all these different images hanging on them; it really anchors that area down nicely while still making use out those awkward corners.

Pile on the Textiles

The cramped living room can be transformed into a boho haven with fabric. In this design from ​Happy Interior Blog, houseplant expert Igor Josifovic piles on the textiles in his tiny apartment-sized studio by adding pillows and floor cushions made out of cotton tapestry or kilim material for seating comfort as well an inviting rug next to one wall hanging woven beautifully together which was too cute not use!

Transform That Boring Box-Shaped Space

When you're looking to spruce up your living room without breaking the bank, there are many affordable ways for interior design enthusiasts like yourself. One of these is creating a feature wall that will catch everyone's eye and turn into one-of-a kind focal point in no time at all!
Raise the Ceiling With Vertical Stripes
You'll find that the low ceiling doesn't phase your style at all when you are surrounded by such beautiful décor. The subtle vertical stripes on these walls make it seem like there's more space between them than what really exists!

Mind the Gap Behind the Sofa

The addition of a bookcase or shelves behind your sofa is an easy way to add visual interest and storage. In this design, light colors help maximize apparent space while large windows allow for plenty natural illumination in the room as well!

Inject Shabby Chic

Chic and cozy, this little living room beautifully illustrates the idea of shabby chic style. Note how light colors are used to paint walls as well white slipcovered furniture with vintage accents for an enchanting look that's perfect any time you want something happier than your average space!
This lovely bedroom has feminine touches including bright floral bedding among other things which give it more life-like qualities compared say darker colors would do otherwise

Pair Perfect Pieces Together

The Midcentury design aesthetic is all about making the most of limited space. This means that many pieces, like this dining set on left or large mirrors which pair beautifully with small square footage because they visually expand an area in terms on appears., were designed to be low-slung and leggy - looking proportionately better for little rooms!

Embrace Your White Walls

White walls are often seen as dull and boring, but they do have their benefits. Pairing your white walls with equally pale furniture will give any room in the house an elegant look that's both crisp yet soft at once!

Add Living Color

A living room can be made to look its best by adding plants. From blooming perennials like daffodils and tulips, leafy beauties including ferns and spider plants that bring interesting texture (plus they clean the air). Succulents are low maintenance options you could try out in DIY planters or even as small indoor trees!

Glam It Up With Gold Decor

How do you make a small living room feel expansive? Balance scale, of course! For instance with this low-profile couch. The gold décor and transparent coffee table work together in an apartment size space without taking up too much visual residency while also creating the illusion that there is more floor space because they don't compete for attention like larger furniture might have done otherwise.

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