How to convert your home office into a perfect working space

How to convert your home office into a perfect working space

To take your home office to the next level, start with a smart plan and storage. Addressing any purposeful design changes can help signal you're dedicated working space while also centering yourself in work-from home status or temporary leave from 9am - 5pm every day of week (or longer). These simple additions easily transition into decorating for guests if needed; they maximize style & function which will make sure everyone is happy!

Reduce Stress with Plants

Houseplants may be the perfect solution for anyone with a cluttered desk. Not only can they help you get rid of clutter, but studies have shown that houseplant owners are more productive than non-owners! With faux plants available in all shapes and sizes today-even ones suitable as bathroom decor or wedding centerpieces!--it's easier than ever before to find just what your space needs.

Opt for Supportive Flooring

The best way to make your desk experience more comfortable is with anti-fatigue floor mats. They reduce discomfort while you're standing at a computer, and they come in different sizes so that one will fit any home office setting! Cork floors are another great option; not only do these surfaces look good but their antibacterial qualities help keep bacteria low too which means cleaner air for everyone who enters the room (including yourself).

Divide a Room to Encourage Focus

Room dividers are an easy way to separate a workspace from the rest of your home, hide clutter, and present a less distracting background for virtual meetings. There's never been more demand than now with today’s work-from-home boom! And there are many options when it comes time to get that perfect look--folding style? Permanent solution in cube storage or bookshelves (or other custom design)? You can make any room feel like two different spaces all without making permanent structural changes.

Hang Eye-Catching Art for Inspiration

The addition of art to your home office can have both personal and professional benefits. You'll feel more motivated when looking at pictures or other images near the computer that you're working on, as well as keeping tired eyes off screens by having decorative objects nearby too!

Improve Lighting with Color-Changing Bulbs

When choosing office lighting, consider an adjustable desk lamp with multiple color temperatures. Studies show that warmer light (skewing more yellow) enhances creativity while cooler blue-colored lamps increase concentration and improve productivity in the workplace!
A well lit workspace is essential for anyone who spends time there - whether they're working on their own or collaborating with others. Natural sunlightes are best but artificial sources like task lights offer focused illumination of particular areas as needed by employers looking to maximize worker output without putting off too much energy from screens all day long.

Create more space by using shelves.

Many people don't realize how much space they could free up in their home office if only they would consider using shelves. The number one benefit of adding shelves to your home office is that it increases the functionality of the room. Shelves are great for storing books, folders, papers, and other items that you might need during work hours; but then can be moved out of sight when not needed. You can use these same shelves to hold a computer monitor or TV so you have more desk space for other tasks while working from home. 

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