7 Ways to Transform Your Kitchen with Mason Jars

7 Ways to Transform Your Kitchen with Mason Jars

We all have that one cupboard that you can’t entirely remember what you put in there but not to worry. You will be amazed at what the smallest effort can achieve so there’s no need to put hours of work in.

The humble Mason jar has come a long way, these glass containers are available in many different colors and sizes. They are not only incredibly useful but are fantastic decoration and can help transform your kitchen space quickly.

1. Herbs and Spices

Do you always struggle to find your cumin because your garlic powder is in the way? Mason jars are a simple solution for your herbs and spices storage problems. It’s so easy to let the herb cupboard run wild but there’s nothing better than an orderly spice drawer

Fill up small Mason jars with all your herbs and spices and line them up in a drawer. Be sure to label the lids for quick access when trying out a new recipe. These vintage style salt and pepper would be a perfect addition to the kitchen.

2. Utensil Organizer

Utensils have the power to take over your kitchen, there’s always that one drawer that won’t close. If you’re feeling creative, grab a few wide-mouthed Mason jars and a planter box to make your very own utensil caddy. If you prefer your Mason jars ready to go, try out this shabby chic utensil holder, great for housing all your kitchen tools.

3. Dry Goods Storage

These little jars can transform your pantry. Store all your wholegrain nuts, seeds, flour and dried fruit orderly in the cupboard with the help of Mason jars. Using glass jars means you will always be able to see what you’re running low on or have too much of. It’s not only a very efficient way of storing your dry goods but it also looks fantastic.

Dried goods such as pasta and rice can easily be stored in Mason jars. As well as the food we eat, the jars are an excellent way for storing dried pet food and biscuits. Storing treats in Mason jars helps to reduce the amount of plastic being brought into your home.

4. Serving Drinks

Any drink looks amazing in a Mason jar, it’s just so much better than a regular cup. Serve up some homemade lemonade or enjoy your iced coffee in style. You can also easily add a straw hole to your Mason jar and make it child-friendly. Add a slice of lemon or lime on the side of the jar to make it extra fancy.

A cold refreshing smoothie is just what you need in the summer. Next time you make your homemade strawberry smoothie, serve it up in a Mason jar. If you’re on the go then simply add the lid, grab a straw and drink when you’re ready.

5. Kitchen Wipe Dispenser

Whether you use homemade or shop-bought kitchen wipes, Mason jars are a great storage option. They’ll keep the moisture locked in and look good enough to be on the kitchen counter. With shop-bought wipes, the plastic packaging tends to break and isn’t very sturdy. Using Mason jars is an easy and useful alternative. This Mason jar sponge holder is well suited for the kitchen sink and will match seamlessly with your new kitchen wipe dispenser.

6. Measuring Cups

Who would’ve thought Mason jars would be so useful for measuring. This kitchenware set is perfect for the cook in your life. The Mason jar style set turns into four measuring cups and comes with four measuring spoons and a spoon rest. If you love the style of Mason jars but want the practicality of precise measuring then this one’s for you.

7. Condiments

Mix up your condiments by serving them up in Mason jars. Ketchup, mayo, and mustard can now have a stylish and fun look for you and your family. You can easily customize your Mason jar to add a dispenser for your sauce. Prepare to impress at the next family BBQ.

If you’re looking to organize and upgrade your kitchenware, check out our Mason jar kitchenware collection to add a vintage touch to your home. You can also find the full collection on here.

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