Farmhouse Decor 101: Living room

Farmhouse Decor 101: Living room

Farmhouse themes, a merging of looks

Today’s take on modern farmhouse decorating is rooted in rustic country charm peppered with warm minimalism and industrial elements somewhat similar to Scandinavian interior design. Striking just the right balance of pastoral and refined, modern farmhouse decor emphasizes comfort and casual living with contemporary sensibilities reflective of today’s times. Think utilitarian, natural yet refined, country yet eclectic and sophisticated as go-to modern farmhouse interior design characteristics.

Though it’s often surprising to initially hear the terms “modern” and “farmhouse” together, this go-to union of design styles is more than newsworthy. When looking to cultivate your own take on modern farmhouse decor, it always pays to put a fresh spin on rustic elements so your home feels unique to you while remaining thoroughly modern in spirit.

The secret to excelling in setting up a farmhousethemed look, is keeping the rooms cosy, aesthetic and appealing. For a truly relaxing and rejuvenating experience for you and your family, your farmhouse setting would have to meet at the fine line where comfort meets taste.

There are several factors you must consider in order to give your set up that extra touch. Each room will require a different arrangement in order to give you that American farmhouse vibe merged with modern country style.

Every month, we'll share with you general guidelines and elements to use in order for you to get the desired farmhouse look that you mostly see on those famous Instagram accounts. This month, we'll focus on our favourite: the living room. 

The living room - a room for coming together

A living room is where we all come together for some family time. Since most of your happy memories will be made in that space, it only makes sense to pay some special attention to the décor of the living room.

For an exquisite and impeccable décor, you need to first plan well. With this in mind, today we’ll give you a few suggestions on some unique furniture pieces that you can keep under your planning radar to set up your farmhouse themed living room.

How to fix up your farmhouse themed living room

Since we feel that the rustic look is the best look to compliment any intended farmhouse setting, we have picked out some of the top rustic furniture available. Keep in mind, for some of the items, there are different colours you can choose from.You have the creative edge, we’re here to merely point you in the right direction!

For you walls:

Rustic Set of Wooden Floating Shelves with Rope

This set of rustic hanging shelves is just the item for those intending to add a rustic modern touch to their home setting. You have the flexibility of hanging this in different places, whether indoor or outdoor, in front of a wall, on the terrace or in front of a window, depending on your preference.

These are easy to hang, simply use a peg or hookto hold up the shelves. The cord is adaptable and can behung from the middle or from either side. As they can be hung with their natural jute made parts, these shelves serve as a perfect choice to parade your souvenirs, books, plants photos or other similar items.

Rustic Wall Mounted Hexagonal Floating Shelves, Honeycomb Wall Décor

These floating geometric shelves are perfect to display on any wall! They add that additionalwarmthand appealto any kind of conventional or classic interior. You can choose to display decorative items or different valued possessions that you may have acquired over the years.

You can opt to place these shelves at higher heights on your wall for a nice contrast to or place them sideways for a more linear, classy look. Unlike traditional shelves, once put up on the walls, these shelves give a floating appearance.

These shelves play great roles as storage space. With wooden display shelves, this piece of furniture combines elegance with trendiness. Avoid clutters or mess and keep it organized with these trendy shelves.

For your tables

Rustic 3-Slot Wooden Remote Control Holder, Vintage Blue

Made from one of the strongest wood in the world, paulownia wood, this rustic remote control holder replaces and accentuates a boring old traditional holder. With three separate spacious slots, you’ll avoid misplacing your remote controllers again, as you sit to enjoy your evening showson the television. In fact, this holder can even be used on top of a desk to hold your stationaries and cell phone, serving as a multipurpose item too.

The holder should last you a lifetime if taken care of properly.


Rustic Wooden Serving Trays with Handle, Paulownia Wood - Torched Brown

These wooden serving trays bid you the perfect platform to serve drinks, snacks for guests or simply to serve coffee. And it’s the smallest things that attract people’s attention.Your guests would just be amazed at your attention to details like these.

These paulownia wood based trays come with handles, making it an easy piece to move around the house when need be. You can leave it on top of a coffee table or any other tables around the house, whether in the kitchen or on countertops, the choice is yours. This rustic wooden tray is enough to glam up any boring surface.

Color Palette

The colors you choose will be crucial to making this look work. Gone are the sage greens and buttermilk yellows that harken to older farmhouse styles. These days, a neutral color palette is a crucial part of any modern design, and including one in your farmhouse-inspired space will be the thing that helps keep your fresh, clean, and totally current. As always, you’ll want to keep the 60-30-10 rule in mind. Here, white is the natural choice to fulfill the role of your dominant shade. For your other two colors, think about using earthy shades like grays, tans, and browns. Bare in mind that your accent shade should be the boldest of them all.

More power to you

The best part about decorating and designing is the fact that the ball’s in your court and you can play around with it in order to come up with the perfect look. Since a farmhouse look incorporates a look people expect when they need a get away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, youwant to make sure the lookyou end up with provides the perfect space for you and loved ones to relax, enjoy and create lasting, cherishable memories.

The best-coordinated furniture can do wonders in creating the mood you so need. Don’t ever underestimate the power of décor!

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