Installing Floating Shelves on Drywall or Plaster

Installing Floating Shelves on Drywall or Plaster

Maybe you're thinking about floating shelves but don't have a stud to install them on? You can still hang floating shelves from drywall or plaster, as long as the wall is not too thick. The first step in installing floating shelves on drywall or plaster is to determine which type of material your wall is made out of. To do this, find a spot where there are no studs and try tapping with your fist. If it sounds hollow, then it's likely made out of drywall; if not, then you've got either plaster or found a wall stud!


If you have plaster, then floating shelves are still easy to install. If not, there is a workaround with your current situation- instead of hanging the floating shelf on wall studs like normal, what you'll need to do is use drywall anchors and screws (which don't require pilot holes). You can find these at any hardware store.


There you have it! The floating shelves that were only a dream just moments ago, are now yours to enjoy. You can hang them in any room and make the place feel like home. It's time to get started on those floating shelves today with these tips:

- floating shelf installation for plaster walls (no studs)

- floating shelf installation for drywall (no studs)

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