Six reasons to choose Cast Iron for your home décor

We’re all familiar with the saying, “Your home reflects you personality”. The way we choose to decorate our home, starting from the colors we pick for our rooms or the kind of furniture we use, they all say a lot about our personal taste and style.

Therefore many of us have a high regard for decorating every corner of the house. We get luxurious mirrors, furniture, vases and keep adding bits and pieces. Most decoration items such as souvenirs, picture frames are simple showpieces and ordinarily do not come in handy. How about you get home décors that are fashionable yet very useful? Implausible?
Well, not really if you’ve ever used cast iron for decorative purposes. If you’re wondering how cast iron decorations can be a solution to that, here are six reasons why you should choose cast iron for you home décor.     


They are durable and strong

Cast iron is very strong and it is generally more durable than timber, crystal or vinyl materials. Once you buy a cast iron décor piece, you will be using that for a very long period of time because cast iron does not disintegrate easily. Now the major concern maybe what type of cast iron décor are out there. A very useful and unique item is the cast iron door stop. As you know very well, door stops are one of those regular, everyday items that go largely unnoticed. However, if you get a cast iron mouse door stop for your room, all your guests are bound to take a second glance at that cute little guard.

cast iron mouse decorative door stop

It’s a vintage decorative door stop, made of heavy duty metal which holds the door with ease. It has a padded foot which will protect your floor from scrapes. It can also be used as book stopper. Now that is astonishing!

Creative meets sturdy

Cast iron pieces are not just easy to use, but they are also very long-lasting and unique as well. A house full of kids or pets doesn’t always sustain showpieces for long. Things are continuously falling off their places. But cast iron décor items can provide you a solution to all that. For instance, if your child knocks off a cast iron gismo, it will not break unlike glass and wood. Not just that, now you can get cool cast iron showpieces and use them daily at the same time. Don’t believe us? Check out the Comfify cigar ashtray - an antique ashtray shaped just like a hand. It’s a fun décor piece for your centre table.

decorative cast iron cigar ashtray

Besides, the cigar ashes will not tarnish the hue of the ashtray which often happens with crystal or plastic ashtray. The classic cast iron has an antique veneer and realistic textured touch. Consider this as a good business present for your colleagues as well!

High heat tolerance

Most decorative pieces are quite fragile and serve no real purpose at all. Get yourself some cast iron trivets for your dining table or kitchen counters. Place anything from a hot bowl of soup or super-hot pan on it and the trivet will save your table from any fiery damage. Moreover, cast iron trivets are very stylish and will give a sleek, vintage look to you dining table. You can get the Comfify decorative cast iron trivet for your kitchen or a cute owl trivet as a housewarming gift for your friends and relatives.

decorative cast iron owl trivet

They are rust-proof and do not tear easily like a cloth trivet. The high-quality, solid trivet has rounded edges and rubber feet for an extra layer for protection. Upgrade the look of your kitchen and get yourself one of these right away.

They are great for wall decoration

Are your walls looking a little too plain these days? Let cast iron take care of that problem. How about a rustic western cast iron key holder? They are decorative and something you never knew you needed until now. You never have to worry about losing your keys anymore. You can mount the key holder on the wall next to your main door, and let it capture your visitors’ attention.

decorative cast iron wall mounted key holder

The hooks are solid and give a vintage look, setting the theme. This unique cast iron organizer rack will look attractive with all shades of wall paints. Even if not for decoration, you should definitely get one for yourself anyway since cast iron key holder will upgrade the standard of the house and help you stay organized.  

Easy to clean and maintain

As the cast iron already gives a vintage and rusted guise, it is easier to maintain. The dust and microbes are not usually visible which is a major plus point. Besides, cast iron is very easy to clean: all you have to do is rinse with warm water, you can use a natural bristle brush if necessary and wipe it off with a towel and that’s all. Then you can hang the towel on your wall mounted coat hanger.

Wait, what? Yes, there are beautiful cast iron hangers for hanging your clothes too! It has a very attractive design which adds an extra level of elegance to your home décor. The hanger will suit well anywhere in your house. You can hang your coats, towels, bags, keys and what not. There are many designs to choose from starting with vintage seashells, French country charms, little bird on branch hangers, deer antlers and many, many, more.

Check out our monthly specials Cast Iron Decor collection and let your home reflect your personality.

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