Ten décor ideas for a cozy fall.

Ten décor ideas for a cozy fall.

The feel of farmhouses in the beginning of autumn is somehow magical: the pantry if full thanks to the late summer harvests, the kitchen smells more and more of home cooked pumpkin pies and cold weather starts to kick in, so all your family hides underneath the blankets in the living room every evening.


Since temperatures are slowly dropping, it’s about time to spruce up your home with those adorable little pumpkins and of course, the best color combination ever, warm orange and wooden accents.  What describes cozy more than these?  

If you’re feeling uninspired after checking all those beautiful Pinterest post we know you’ve been following, check out these beautiful ideas we have prepared for you. 


Pumpkins bring deep, burnt orange tones to your autumn farmhouse along with a rustic, textured look and realistic stem. They are very versatile, whether tucked into a fall bouquet or wreath for more color and interest or, dressing up a window ledge or wooden bowl on a console table, this item will definitely be a center piece. 

Wooden items 

Probably the most important component of rustic style is the raw natural materials used in architecture and décor alike. The more natural these elements appear to be, the easier it is to find and maintain a cohesive contemporary rustic style throughout the entire space. Add a rustic mail holder to your entryway, decorate it with a few bronz-y leafes and you will feel the warmth of fall right from the moment you step inside of your home. 

Fluffy blankets 

Nothing says “farmhouse” better than the classic, ivory, texturized blanket. Match  your autumn décor this fall by getting a few in dark burgundy, toss them around your living-room or add them in your storage baskets for an extra dash of color. 


What’s a farmhouse without a wreath? There’s no such thing! Make sure you switch the summer wreath design you have on your front door right now, with one that is suitable for September.  

Mason Jar Décor 

This will never get old, literally. Adjust your countertops with these adorable coral mason jar décor items, and besides the rustic farmhouse look they’ll give you, the beautiful color will be a match made in heaven with your kitchen décor. 

Rustic Shelves 

There’s never enough room to place more decorative items, but these wooden shelves will come in handy.  Beautiful wooden texture, easy to mount and ideal rustic color, add these to your living-room, throw a few orange leafs next to your family’s photos and your cozy home is all set up. 

Distressed Trays 

Your coffee table or ottoman could use an upgrade too. Get yourself a set of rustic trays, use one to decorate your table, and the other two to serve delicious meals to your family. Beauty and convenience, in one package.


Orange Kitchenware 

Until Christmas, orange nuances are your best friend. It’s all about how you mix and match so make sure to use them as a splash of color in an otherwise neutral décor. Try out these lovely kitchen accessories and place them strategically on your countertop.   

Original, rustic signs 

What says “autumn” better than a sign with an autumn message written on it? Choose a message that is meaningful and that inspires you every time you pass by it. 

Leafs, cotton stems and dried flowers 

Details matter. Add a few cotton stems in your entryway, a few leafs on your ottoman and you’ve got the right base to start your fall décor from there.  


While leafs are turning caramel, fall is the perfect season to gather up inside your cozy home next to your family and simply enjoy the warmth and love. 


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