10 Gift Ideas under $20 for dad

10 Gift Ideas under $20 for dad

With the current pandemic, quarantine and social distancing rules, it can be a bit difficult to show your appreciation the right way to your father this year. If you’re amongst the lucky ones, you can still visit, go out and celebrate together like any family would normally do. But if not, make sure you send him a thoughtful gift as a reminder that he is loved and appreciated even in these tough times. He might need it more than ever before.

If you’re short on ideas or time, we’ve put together a list of useful products that your father might appreciate and use happily.

Cast Iron Hand Cigar Ashtray - $20.99

Yes, we know. Smoking isn’t healthy but if your father is one of those stubborn parents that say they really can’t (or won’t) quit no matter what, at least you can use this durable ashtray as a gift that they will definitely appreciate and use on a daily basis.

cigar ashtray

 Key Holder “Keys” – $17.99

Sometimes, besides the wisdom that most people accumulate with age, some people accumulate a loss of memory for non-essential things, like where they put their keys for example. If your father is one of them, or better yet, if he always forgets where he put his keys, make sure you help him out with a useful gift like a wall mounted key holder. Made of solid cast iron, this key holder can be placed right in the entryway, so that whenever he wants to go somewhere, he can always find his keys. In time 😊

 Modern White Crock w/Tablet Holder - $17.99

The sleek lines and elegant design of our utensil holder make it the ideal gift for your cooking enthusiastic father. Besides the large amount of the utensils it can hold, he can easily use his favorite cookbook or tablet to prepare all those delicious recipes he wanted to, and maybe this way you’ll also get invited to dinner more often.

Octopus Toilet Paper Holder - $18.99

Recognized for their ability to multitask, superior cognitive abilities as well as increased levels of patience, you can use this gift as a way of showing your father how much you admire his abilities, through the fun comparison with an octopus.

Espresso Cups Set of 4 with Matching Saucers - $17.99

For espresso aficionados’, this 8-piece demistasse boxed set is one of the best ways to truly savor the complex flavors and aromas of a top notch Robusta or Arabica with a bit of steamed milk.  With a gift like this, you can never go wrong.

Is It Friday Yet? Funny 16oz Coffee Mug - $11.99

With a generous 16 ounces of room for his favorite tasty beverage, he’ll be able to fuel up for the day with even more delicious gourmet coffee than ever before. The funny writing is also a plus, especially if he’s one of the types that always looks forward to the weekend.

 "I Can’t Even" Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug - $8.99

Perfect gift for your father to remind himself not to take life too seriously from time to time. Even, if he’re stuck in traffic from a while, ask him to just take a sip of coffee from this travel mug, and relax.

 Fish bones Towel Rack - $18.99

Does your father love to go fishing? If so, then help him remember his passions even when he can’t actually practice. This beautiful fish bones towel rack can be used as a constant reminder to stop once in a while and do the things you truly love.

Decorative Cast Iron Trivet - $12.99

If you’re looking for a way to express your love through a subtle, yet straightforward gift, then the heart trivet is the best way to do it. The heart trivet is a symbol of strong, loving relationships that can withstand the test of heat, fire and time.


Art & Photo Display Rack - $24.99

You’re right, this is not under $20, but hear us out. Add a few photos to this, and it will serve as a constant, daily reminder of precious moments spent together as well as way of not to lose sight of one of the most important things in life. Family is everything.


With our busy schedules and long to-do lists, we can sometimes forget to pay attention to some of the most important people in our lives. So take a moment, and use this special day to show your father that you love, admire, appreciate him, and most importantly, that he matters.

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