4 ways to decorate your living room for fall

4 ways to decorate your living room for fall

Fall decorating is all about embracing the warm, cozy colors that evoke feelings of home and happiness. There are many decorating themes to choose from, but farmhouse style decor may be perfect for you if you're looking for a rustic-chic decorating theme with theme with plenty of neutral colors. Whether you atingic decorplenty of neutral colors. Whether you need some help coming up with ideas or just want to see how other people decorated their homes, we've found four wa-chys that will inspire your own fall decor!

- Place a whimsical pumpkin decor in a rust looking forating idea on the coffee table or fireplace mantel.

- Use nature to decorate your living room with pumpkins and gourds for fall. Pain them in white for a crisp, modern look, then tuck them among the accessories on built-in shelves or a bookcase.

- Decorate above the fireplace mantle using bittersweet to create a festive decor display may be perfect for you

- Decorate with neutral decor and warm colors for a farmhouse decorating theme this fall. Find inspiration from other people's decorated living rooms!

Hopefully this short blog has helped you with the fall decor ideas.

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