Here are 3' love'ly ways to decorate your home for Valentine's day!

Here are 3' love'ly ways to decorate your home for Valentine's day!

Valentine's day, the most romantic day of the year, is undoubtedly when we shower our loved ones with greeting cards, chocolates and celebrate the unique relationships we share with them. It sure is a beautiful time of year, more so because our homes are decorated for the holiday! From flower arrangements to pretty pink gifts, Valentine's Day décor adds a pop of color to the grey shades of the winter gone by.

Love is in the air, and it is high time we gave our homes a dose of playful romance with fun decor picks. The most exciting thing about adorable valentine's home decor is that you can easily extend their lifespan well beyond valentine's day. This year is the time to get more creative and be encouraged to execute some of our decoration ideas from your homes' comfort. 

1. Light up the love!

Candles will always remain a top choice when decorating for valentine's day, and why not. They extend a soft light to homes fit to create a romantic atmosphere. While plain white can be an eyesore, you can opt for pretty candles by tieing bright ribbons around the candles in a neat bow. You can even seal each with a cupid charm or hearts and display them on tables. How about arranging tealights and small candles of various sizes in the center of each vase for a bright, colorful display on the dining room table? You can consider filling the space around them with lovely romantic candle holders.

2. Letter away the love!

It is time to refresh the bare walls with some long overdue decor for those interested in art. There are plenty of love-themed pieces to style your home for the season. These wall art ideas are always a present that you can't be wrong with. Hearts in many different sizes can look fabulous on the wall. How about showcasing "LOVE" on the walls? You can quickly adapt this idea to make home decor stay beyond a one-day celebration. We all need some potent reminders of how blessed we are to be surrounded by people we care about. Turn these unique love letters into a stunning, framed work of art and viola! You've got for yourself a valentine's day gift so beautiful that it might just end up being passed down from generation to generation!

3. Hold up that support, keys, and love!

Introducing the Comfify Key Holder to your rescue! This decorative, functional piece of art is essentially a key holder, quickly hung on any wall. You can now responsibly organize your home to keep your valuables safe and ready for use. At the same time, have an optimistic reminder of the love that fills your home through its exquisite design. It is intuitively designed with sturdy, wire hangers for hanging more than just keys. We're talking about keys, umbrellas, lanyards etc. This "LOVE" keyholder holds up firmly and securely to your wall and is built to last. 

It is time to crank up some festive Valentine's Day tunes and let these romantic and elegant valentine's day decorations set the tone for your home. No matter which area you are targeting - your dining room, kitchen, office, bedroom, or even porch, we've got you covered with comfort and love.

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