How to Warm Up a Cold Space

How to Warm Up a Cold Space
It's a sad but often reality in today’s world of technology and design. We live in homes that can seem too cold, especially when you have modern furniture pieces or an open concept space with little natural light coming through your windows because they are always covered by large screens which blocks out any outside view altogether! You don't need to make major changes just yet- there is still hope for making those sterile spaces feel welcoming again without adding clutter onto what amounts already seems like enough decorating items on display throughout the entire place at once (we're looking at YOU living room TV!)
Here’s how to warm up your sterile spaces without making any major changes.

Use textiles

The most effective way to warm up a sterile space is with textiles. Different cloths have different temperatures, which will create an interesting layered effect in your room and actually make it feel cozy!
New curtains - You can make your home feel like it's lived in with new curtains. Choose from simple, sheer fabrics or go for something more colorful and patterned to liven things up!
Rugs- The rug is the perfect way to soften hard surfaces like concrete and wood. It can help define your space in an open concept layout by giving it something beautiful that doesn't hurt when you walk on it!
blankets - give a home that cozy feel. They are great for keeping you warm on those cold days when the windows need to be closed and doors shut tight against winter’s chill, or even just as an extra layer of warmth under your clothes if it feels like something is about cool down outside- blankets will keep us all nice n' cuddly!
Throw pillows -are a great way to add extra depth in your home! Simply swap them out with different styles and patterns based on what you're looking for.
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Add greenery

Houseplants are the easiest way to make your home feel like it has life. They add color, texture and even smell! But if you don't know how to take care of them or just want an idea for a new plant in one area without having too many windowsills full with plants that need different conditions all over the house then we have some tips right here-
I would recommend starting small by finding out what type likes light before adding more lights near where they will live.

Mix furniture

Mixing different types of furniture makes a home look more lived-in, which is important for any sterile space. If you want to create the cozy environment that will keep your guests coming back again and again then ditch those perfectly matched sets in favor something as eclectic but still cohesive like mixing some overstuffed sofas with ornate end tables from around town; even if they don’t all match their corners exactly, there's no denying how much personality can shine through when surrounded by pieces with lots going on!

Change the lighting

Lighting can really dictate the way a space feels. If your home has bright, blue-toned LED lights and you rely mostly on overhead lighting it will likely feel sterile and cold. Warm up that space by simply changing out those old light bulbs with warm colored ones like incandescent or halogens while adding accent lighting in different forms to create ambiance for guests or when wanting just peace at night!

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Layer accessories

One interior design secret is to layer your accessories so that you can find new ways of displaying the things you love. If, for instance, all of a sudden one day it occurs to me how much I enjoy seeing coffee tables styled with books on top and piles or albums in between them - there's no problem! All these touches add personality while still being tasteful because they're not overwhelming either visually nor conceptually.

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