How to Use Floating Shelves in the Kitchen

How to Use Floating Shelves in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of activity for many families. It's where we prepare meals, share conversation, and clean up together after a meal. Kitchen space is limited in apartments or homes with small kitchens. This article will show you four ways to use floating shelves in your kitchen:

A Dish Display - Dishes are a great way to show off personality in the kitchen, so it's nice if you can keep them on display instead of stashing them away behind closed cabinet doors. Floating shelves above or below existing cabinets let you build out what was previously wasted space into something useful with minimal effort during installation time. You'll also save money by avoiding expensive cabinetry upgrades - just add some floating shelving brackets (or get really creative) for an easy solution!

Create Your Own Coffee Bar
Coffee is life for many, and the coffee maker should be easy to access. Add a floating wall shelf system over your chalkboard walls in order to make yourself into an at home barista! You can have several shelves dedicated to keeping all of your equipment neatly stored as well as easily accessible when you need it most.

Reclaim wasted space around range hood by hanging shelves on either side of the stove
The symmetry in your kitchen is always pleasing to see. Keep things looking nice and symmetrical by framing your stove with matching ledge shelves on both sides of the range hood
Much storage area often goes unused near a range hood if you don't utilize it properly. Use these shelf areas for more practical purposes like putting away dishes or food , etc .

Using symmetrical ledge shelves, you can make the most of your kitchen space. Add hanging storage to both sides of a range hood for extra room around a stove.

When there is too much going in on one side and not enough elsewhere - maybe it's time for some symmetry! A great way to improve how things look is by adding matching shelf units that span across the front edges or backsides of two stoves near where they meet up with each other. This will provide additional places to store cookware and utensils nearby while also opening up more areas down below which means less crowded countertops when cooking food at my favorite restaurants as well as home


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