Your kitchen will look meow-rvelous

Most people spend plenty of time in their kitchen or dining area and that's where much of quality family time and entertaining is happening. The way your kitchen looks says a lot about your home. In comes the opportunity to decorate and add some life to this important part of your home.

We love cats. Do you? A cat, no matter how self absorbed and independent it is, seems to always add a homey feeling to your place. They are cute, cuddly, comfortable. We happen to specialize in "comfortable" - just look at the address bar of this website :)

Our latest addition to the line up of decorative paper towel holders and toilet paper holders for your home includes a cat. It yawns, it stretches, it feels at home. This Yoga Cat Paper Holder strangely enough does a "dawn-ward dog" pose. How intriguing!

It is cute, it is well-made and is looking for a new home. Hopefully yours! Meow.