5 Home Projects for When Winter Keeps You Indoors

5 Home Projects for When Winter Keeps You Indoors

Winter is the perfect time of year to get things done around your house. You can be sure that there are no pesky bugs or animals trying to ruin all that hard work you've put into making it comfortable when winter finally rolls in, so don't waste this opportunity!

1. Patch some holes 

No matter the size of your wall hole, you can fix it with a peel and stick patch. These handy little tiles come in different shapes such as square or round so that there is one for every application!
The fiberglass mesh backed by aluminium will seamlessly replace what was once broken without looking like its been repaired at all unless someone takes notice- which suits our needs just fine thank-you very much because nobody likes noticing things after they've happened already.

2. Ceiling fan

A ceiling fan can spend all year getting loaded with dust and it’s easy to forget that the thing needs to be cleaned. Cleaning takes just minutes, but we have some handy tools for you! The simplest method is using a duster like Ettore's gadget which will get rid of any dirt on blades or motor housing without having remove them from their location(s).
If there are many fans in your house then use an extension cord so each person has access; otherwise replace those low hanging wires with longer ones before starting up again after finishing cleaning - this way everyone gets at least one chance.

3. Recaulk Your Bathtub

You know that gross black stuff growing on the side of your shower? It’s probably mildew-caulk, and it's really easy to get rid off. First things first: cut away any old caulk with a utility knife or painter's 5 in 1 tool (whatever you got), then thoroughly disinfect everything so there are no leftovers for another round! Next up is applying some high quality tub tile silicone sealant--this will last years if applied properly which makes me happy because I can enjoy cleanliness while bathing without worrying whether my tiles will stick together through all sorts.

4. Fix Squeaky Doors

It's a simple fix-up project that doesn't get any more involved. Remove each hinge pin one at a time and if the door has an open bottom, all you need to do is insert your nail into it from below using hammer blows as needed until they pop out easily; for closed bottoms use putty knife instead then tap upwards on point where top of shaft meets body with grease or other lubricant already applied before slipping back into place!

5.Fix the Toilet

The sound of your toilet flushing might be giving you pause to go check it out. But don't worry, chances are good that if the noise is an ear-piercing honk or steady stream accompanied by water spilling over onto itself then there's nothing wrong with this old biddy upstairs!
Malfunctioning parts can range from something as simple (and cheap) like replacing worn out rubber rings around valves on pipes connected between tank and bowl all way up into more expensive territory where entire joints may need replacement.


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