6 ways to decorate the blank white wall in your living room

6 ways to decorate the blank white wall in your living room

There's not much that beats the feeling of filling up an empty space with your favorite pieces. Whether you're going for a bold, vibrant look or something more understated and elegant - there are plenty of ways to make blank walls come alive again! Here is our list:

Leaning Mirror

For those who love to decorate their homes in a modern style, large mirrors are an excellent way of adding some design-friendly details without having any empty walls. For example: instead of hanging one up on the wall and exposing its surface all over again when you want your room feeling spacious or brightened up like before they were there., simply lean it against another object for instance — these leaning options come with many different angles which can be positioned wherever convenient so it doesn't matter where in this big house YOU find yourself most often!
You'll only need 1 item alone that has been guaranteed not just stylish but functional too

Floating Shelves

Floating furniture is perfect for adding style and interest to any area. Not only will they update the look of your floor, but exposed shelves can be paired with a floating console or dresser to create an eye-catching focal point in any room! Add items like framed photos or vintage trinkets that are well curated so you don't have too much clutter on display - this way everything has its place without taking up too much space itself.


Oversized Art

When in doubt, bring what you know will work. For starters? Framed art - as an unexpected focal point for any room and beyond! Whether it be photographs or paintings; these oversized pieces can quickly become the main element of interest without jumping on any band wagon instead opting just one large piece from time-to-time when needed. The benefits don't stop there though: Kitchens too may reap their rewards with such an attention getter taking up less real estate than other possible alternatives like sideboards or cabinets filled with decorative plates which are usually seen behind closed doors anyway

Playful Display

Give any wall a next level makeover with the help of some thoughtfully arranged shelves paired with playful accents. With wallpaper as your backdrop and pom-pom word art hung up for all to see, this fun stretch goes beyond typical playroom style into eye candy! The cubbies add storage but can also serve design purposes too; making even more space for toys in an already spacious room.


Printed Photos

Personalizing your home with a collection of prints is not only creative, but it will also provide the perfect level of personal flair. Whether you're spelling out initials or fashioning images into an ampersand - just like this dining room-personalized spaces are made for feeling at ease in one's own space!
Running through various options may seem overwhelming when first starting off on such projects; however there are many techniques that can be applied effortlessly once these basics have been mastered (ease being key). From finding inspiration from other people’s designs to arranging them according date/time spent together etc., every detail counts 

Painted Brick

A coat of paint will turn any wall into a space. A single industrial piece functions as the focal point on your room's design and adds personality to it, no matter what texture or color scheme you're going for!





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