How to Install Hexagon Floating Shelves on Your Walls: The Top Ideas for Installing the Shelves!

How to Install Hexagon Floating Shelves on Your Walls: The Top Ideas for Installing the Shelves!

There are many hexagon floating shelves on the market, but how do you know which one to buy? One hexagon shelf has a great design and another is cheaper than the rest. The decision process can be overwhelming for some people, so in this blog post I will show you what it would take to install hexagon floating shelves on your walls. This article will go over the top ideas for installing hexagon floating shelve with an emphasis on installation tips that anyone can follow!


The hexagon floating shelves that I am reviewing in this blog post are the ones on my walls. They were installed by a professional and you can hire one to install hexagon shelving for you as well, but if you want to save money then follow these installation tips.

- Buy hexagon shelf brackets of high quality (I recommend the ones I bought)

- Buy hexagon shelf supports (I recommend the ones I bought)

- Level your hexagon floating shelves using a bubble level and mark where you want to screw them on the wall. You may need someone for this step or use an extension pole if it is hard to reach. Be sure that whatever marks are on the wall are level.

- Drill your hexagon shelf supports into the wall and screw hexagon floating shelves on top of them to secure it in place. The hexagon shelving that I have installed does not require any tools, but some more heavy duty hexagon shelves do need screws for securing onto walls. If you don't use a hexagon shelf bracket to secure hexagon floating shelves on your wall, then you need a hex screwdriver.

Bubble level (for leveling hexagon shelving)

Hex Screwdrivers (recommended for heavy duty hexagon floating shelves) Hexagon Shelves and Supports (recommended from Amazon where I bought my supplies)




I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and learned how hexagon floating shelves are installed on walls. Please have a look at our products:

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