How to make sushi?

How to make sushi?

The first sushi went on sale in the US was at a supermarket sushi bar. It gave sushi more legitimacy and opened up opportunities for sushi to be served in other venues.

Sushi is an acquired taste… either you like it or you don't, but most people like sushi when they try it.

Today, sushi has become mainstream all over the world.

How to make sushi?

Sushi is basically rice flavored with sushi vinegar, topped with some sort of seafood or other ingredients. It's simple dish to prepare at home and you can create your own sushi combinations using the different types of sushi available in your area.

There are two popular types of sushi: finger rolls (called nigiri-zushi) and nori rolls (called maki-zushi or maki-mono). Finger rolls are bars of sushi rice topped with wasabi and fish. Sushi nori rolls, the most popular type of sushi, consist of rice and various ingredients, such as fish, wrapped in a sheet of seaweed call nori.

Whether you make sushi at home or buy it from a sushi bar, you will need sushi vinegar to season the sushi rice. Sushi rice is short grain white rice mixed with a dressing made of sushi vinegar, sugar and salt. It's easy to make sushi vinegar by simmering equal parts of rice wine vinegar, sugar and salt until the sugar dissolves.

Follow this guide and learn how to make sushi at home: 

Spread Rice over Nori- Place the nori sheet, shiny side down, on the bamboo rolling mat. With water moistened hands (which helps in handling the sticky rice), spread half a cup of sushi rice evenly over the nori sheet, leaving 1" at the top.

Arrange Fillings over Rice

Arrange the sushi roll fillings in a narrow row across the top third of the sushi rice. Leave a space of rice above and below the strip of toppings.

Fold sushi mat over roll

Moisten the top edge of exposed nori with water. Grasp the rolling mat with both hands, thumbs underneath, and fold the close edge of the nori sheet so it overlaps the sushi rice and ingredients.

Roll Sushi Tightly with Mat

Roll tightly with firm pressure using the rolling mat. Lift the mat slightly and finish rolling until the edge closest to you meets the rice free edge at the far end of the nori. Overlap the moist edge of the nori sheet to create a seal.

Remove Sushi Roll from Mat

Use the rolling mat to shape and square up the sushi roll by pressing gently along the tops and sides of the roll. Remove the sushi roll from the bamboo mat, and place the roll seam side down on a cutting board.

Slice Sushi Roll into pieces

Sushi is best sliced using a carbon steel Japanese style knife. After the knife is moistened in water/vinegar, cut the nori rolls into six or eight equal pieces. (Cut the roll in half, then each half in thirds or fourths.) Use a swift back and forth cut for best results.

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